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Terraguide floor system

Prijzen zijn inclusief verzendkosten.

39,00 per m2 (excl. BTW)



Terraguide, the mobile floor system. The solution for the construction of event zones and temporary walking paths. The tiles are 25x25x2 cm and are pre-assembled per 4 tiles, resulting in a plate of 50×50 cm. The tiles only weigh 7.5 kg / m² and can handle an evenly distributed load of around 240 tonnes / m².


The packing unit for the tiles is 50 m². The tiles cost 39 euros per m². The system box costs 425 euros and can contain 50 m².


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Advies of informatie
Telefoon: +316 24 26 25 87

Advies of informatie


    Terraguide is a mobile and flexible floor system that uses pre-assembled tiles. This quickly installed flooring system, ideal for events, is also equipped with an anti-slip top layer.


    Due to the high number of perforations in the top surface and the shape of the underside, the Terraguide system ensures that the covered area is sufficiently supplied with light, air and water. This allows you to create zones and at the same time distribute the load and protect the surface.


    The simple connection makes it possible to install large zones and, after the event, to be broken up by just 1 person. This of course saves on working hours. The built-in click system is invisible after placement which ensures a nice uniform whole.


    Each individual section is made from 100% recyclable plastic and results in a stable and flexible floor.


    Terraguide is produced in Germany and quality-controlled by TÜV.


    Other colors than black are available on request.